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Chocolate Dinosaurs

That totally amazing GIANT CHOCOLATE T-REX is on sale again for Easter! Simply seeing it grinning on the shelf with its horrendously high price made me completely excuse the fact that it's still February. I'm going to save up some money and give in to the joys of consumerism. I highly suggest others do the same (even those with the chocolate allergies).

I spent the past week watching BBC's 'Walking With Dinosaurs' on 2-casettes of VHS glory. It's the biggest orgasm of your LIFE. My pants went through a beating, I'm telling you. The best part was when the dinosaurs EVOLVED and ROARED and ATE EACH OTHER. Did you know that the female Diplodocus had to withstand an extra 10 tonnes while mating? Holy crap, best production ever. Kenneth Branagh's narration of it all is what finally throws you over the edge.

I'm so thankful such beasts roamed the Earth. The merchandising is incredible.

- Protoceratops
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