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I once walked with dinosaurs

Tipos de dinosaurs is a page of common dinosaurs written in Spanish. I do not speak or read Spanish, but I thought the pictures and the names were sort of pretty.

Welcome to 'O Ultrasaurus', inspired by the lack of dinosaur communities and the Holy Cross High School Dinosaur And Other Prehistoric Creature Society, a high school dino-club founded by eatmyphotons.

My name is Brittany and I like dinosaurs. A lot. I also have a story to tell about a time when dinosaurs weren't extinct. My story takes place around eleven years ago, when I looked like this:

I would call to the dinosaurs, and they would come. Up from the water and out from the trees, away from the smelly highway to me. I would gaze for hours at their beauty while unsuspecting parents took photographs.

This journey contains myself, my older brother, and on occasion, my fat, smelly father.

Here we find my brother and I encountering our VERY FIRST DINOSAUR. Little did we know that there was an entire wasteland of dinos to come.

We wandered this desert surrounding Drumheller, Alberta, until we found other large, more life-like beasts. I don't know what's going on in this picture. My brother was pissing me off or something. You can bet that I probably kicked him in the balls soon after.

Anyway, the dinosaurs kept getting bigger and bigger. Here you have your first sight of my pitiful father. He thought the dinosaurs were large, also. I imagine he had penis envy throughout the entire trip.

The most I can say about this picture is that it was starting to get chilly and I really hated standing in front of all of those fucking dinosaurs so my mother could take a picture.

My brother gets off to sitting on phallus-like dinosaurs.

I also recall him telling me how much he was hating the trip so far. We didn't tell our mother this, of course. My brother went back to wanking to pass the time until we finally got out of there and on to Calgary.

So, we made it to Calgary where the dinosaurs suck less. No joke. They were even in a habitat that was remotely tolerable for giant lizards, as opposed to the death-haven the Drumheller dinos were given to face.

Here you can see my father smoking a cigarette while my brother and I look around for the MEGA AWESOME HUNK OF BEAUTY standing right behind us. It certainly would have paid to be taller than 4'0".

The outskirts of Calgary hold many dinosaurs. I've circled the ones in this next picture as they all seem to have CAMOFLAGUE SKILLS.

Oh my! A very hungry-looking stegosaurus! I'm sure he would be eating the delicious plants around him were he not bolted into a slab of cement!

How majestically they live their lives! I love you, dinos!

Finally, to even things out, a PREHISTORIC CREATURE.

I'm not sure if the dinos have become extinct yet or not, but there's a small peek into my past. I have a crapload of other dino pictures from the same trip I could have posted, but my scanner decided it would like to stop working.



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