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Review of Popcap's "Dynomite" has come out with several awesome games. This is one of them.

How can I begin without sounding like a giddy schoolgirl?

OMG I CANT!!!!!!!!1

As you can see, I am neatly shooting the green egg into its slot. What happens when you shoot three or more eggs of a different colour is they SMASH APART!!

Basically, it's like Bust-A-Move. Except 2x more better because

- it's about dinosaurs
- you don't need a quarter to play!

Seriously, if you're a true dino fan, check this out. And if you're not a dino fan, don't even bother, just crawl back into the hole from whence you came.

Here's a tip from a seasoned player (64390 pts, ranked Supersaurus, baby!): Always hit the Whirly or else he will add another colour egg to your mix. HIT THE WHIRLY.

- Anne, aka T. Rex
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